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From owning one of the most influential and reputable SEO niche blogs at the age of 14, winner in Consulting in 2011, WorldSkills Australia Competitor and Gold Medalist for Queensland, Australia in Web Design. One of the top 400 most recommended SEO expert by SEO Moz in 2009.

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Should You Invest In SEO?

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Have you ever wondered why so many businesses spend so much money to rank high in search engine rankings? Well, how many times have you heard someone ask a question and than hear "Google it". Well, we all do it and its pretty much a [...]

Social Innovation, Social Media Marketing

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As times have changed, customer services is coming too a close in person. Technology is getting  faster, more people are keeping up. However some have little to spare but still want the latest technology gizmo's, apps, accessories and all the types of connectivity that go's [...]

Difference Between SEO and SEM

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The expressions SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are similar as well as utilised conversely, however the two have distinctive functions. Most Webmasters know a bit of something about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and the distinctive strategies (or techniques) to effectively assist in [...]

Education Skills Ambassador

WorldSkills Queensland National Team

I previous wrote on the 23rd of September, about my WorldSkills Challenge. Competing against Australia's top Web Design students from across Australia. Over the years I have made my own input known on several outlets on my views and opinions of Education, particularly the Australian [...]

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The internet has been around for many years and Australia is the leading country as the highest usage of pirated digital content. Australia was first acknowledged as the worst in the internet piracy world by the Australian Federal Government, Why? Because "Australia lacks any effective protection [...]

My WorldSkills Challenge

Web Design Promotional Wall at WorldSkills Australia 2014 Perth

Last year in November I got a email from my distance tutor at Evocca College in Queensland, Australia. The email was an invitation to take part in a 3 stage competition. I was invited to take part in the Regional WorldSkills Australia Challenge. Which was [...]